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How to buy Elo Boost with Apple Pay or Google Pay

How to buy Elo Boost with Apple Pay or Google Pay

If you want to pay for your Elo Boost quickly and efficiently, it's easy with Google Pay and Apple Pay. In this guide, we'll show you how to use Apple and Google Pay and why they are better than other 1-Click payment services like PayPal.

First, you need to get them set up.

Setting up either is simple

Go to either Google Pay or Apple Pay, and set up your account by linking your credit/debit card.

Note: Apple Pay is exclusively for Apple devices, and Google Pay is exclusively for users of the Chrome Browser (On mobile and desktop).

The details you'll need are:

It's super easy to set up on mobile, if you download the apps for either Google Pay (Google Wallet) via the Google Playstore or Apple Pay via the Apple store. This is because the app can simply read your card details via your camera.

We don't recommend using PayPal for buying boosts. Keep reading to find out why.

Now you need to order an elo boost. You can do this by heading here ( Then select the game you would like to be boosted in.

Once you have done that, navigate to the boost calculator and customise your boost to fit your needs. The price will be adjusted in real-time and will show you how much you are saving compared to the standard market price. For those that want to know, buddy boosting or the "play with booster" option is our most popular. Then, click "Start Boost Now" and it should pop up with the payment widget/kiosk.

Google Pay:

Now, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, it should display the  "Google Pay" button like so:

Click that. It should eliminate the other fields and just ask you for your email. This email does not need to be the same as your Google Pay email address, it's merely the email we will use to contact you upon purchasing your boost.

Click  "Purchase Boost", it should ask you to log in if you have not done so already. Once you have logged in, select your payment method (we recommend your debit card) and simply click  "PAY".

If you need any more help go here, or click the  "chat with us" icon.

Apple Pay:

The process is the same for Apple Pay. The only difference is that you'll be using a Mac or apple mobile device to do it, and rather than clicking "Google Pay" you will click  "Apple Pay":

If you don't see the "Apple Pay" button, you need to enable it in your settings. 
Here is how:

  1. First, ensure that you are signed into your iCloud account.
  2. Make sure that you are over the age of 13, otherwise, you will not have access to this feature.
  3. Next on your iPhone, go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Turn on Apple Payments on Mac.
  4. Reload your browser (just refreshing the page might not work due to cookies).


How to do it on a mobile?

The Mobile process is the same but for the sake of clarity, we'll show you the visual process on Mobile.

First, adjust your boosting requirements to fit your needs. The mobile boost calculator should look similar to the desktop one and be near the page's top.

Once you have entered all the details tap "start boost now", then select "Google Pay." Note that you will not see the Google Pay option if you are on a browser that is not Google Chrome. If you are on an iPhone or iPad, you should see the "Apple Pay" option as long as you have it enabled. Tap that to progress.

(Insert Apple Version image here) It should look like the above. Enter your email address into the box so that we can contact you about your boost. Once you have done that press "Purchase Boost".

If you are on an Android device, the pop-up for Google Pay should look like the above, tap "Continue" and that's that!

If you are on an iOS mobile device it should look like this:

(Apple Pay portal image/Post "payment boost" image)

As you can see using Google Pay or Apple Pay to pay for boosts is simple and easy on mobile or desktop.

Why should you use Google Pay or Apple Pay instead of PayPal?

Paypal has numerous issues and risks involved with using it as a payment method.

Payment delays

Paying boosters via PayPal might lead to long delays in payment delivery, which will delay the time it takes for your boost to start. So if you are placing a boost with very little time left in the season or act, you must use Google Pay or Apple Pay instead so that our elite roster of boosters can get to work ASAP!

Service fees

In addition to delays, PayPal is not as reliable of a platform as Google Pay and Apple Pay, both of these services work directly with your bank as a pipeline or Digital Wallet. Whereas PayPal is more akin to a middleman that takes a cut (service fees).

Google Pay and Apple Pay have no service fees that you have to worry about. This also makes it more booster-friendly, so if you want to have a stronger relationship with your booster don't use PayPal :)

Makes Full Refunds Impossible

If you change your mind about your boost and want a refund, PayPal will charge you when you are paid back (5-10% of the original payment). Meaning you won't get 100% of the money back. Using Google Pay, Apple Pay or your debit/credit card on the other hand will ensure you get a 100% return regardless.

Account Freezing

Sometimes with no explanation or warning, PayPal will freeze your account. This makes it impossible to use when paying for a boost. Why use something so unreliable? Paypal uses an advanced algorithm to detect unusual account behaviour, but this algorithm isn't perfect, and people have been locked out of their accounts for weeks despite being completely innocent.

You waive your Section 75 rights.

For our British readers, this is especially important, but even if you aren't British, your country likely has a similar protection scheme (E.g. the "Fair Credit Billing Act" in the US.). Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act ensures that any payments between £100 - £30,000 with a credit card are legally protected and allows you to raise claims with the vendor if something goes wrong. Using PayPal subverts this because technically PayPal is the one paying the person you are sending money to, rather than you directly through your credit; PayPal is like a person on a conveyor belt that passes your money down the line.


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